Travailler’s Lexicon

Commonly used acronyms

WTC – World Travailler Community

WTF – World Travailling Friend/Fellow
          (inspired by the End of Ze World’s  “WTF, mate?!“)

Weekly Series

Motivational Monday – tune in for a little boost to kick-start your work week.

Technology Tuesday – keep up to date on the newest technologies–in science, engineering and medicine–for disabilities.

Controversy Humpday – there is always something news that you deserve to know. But sometimes those stories are a little controversial… So, check us out Wednesdays to get your fill of controversy! And don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Starstruck Saturday – famous people are affected by disability too. It’s nice to know even celebrities share our struggles, how they rise above, and how they help others.

***We have some days of the week open and we will continue to offer you great posts  on those days as well. If you have a suggestion for a series you’d like to read, you know how to reach us!***


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