Starstruck: Mila Kunis

If you are at all like me, you might assume that the glowing perfect faces of smiling A-list celebrities are indicative of an equally beautiful and perfect life. Look at the lovely Ms. Mila Kunis:

Mila Kunis - dichromatic eyes

If she doesn’t make your top 5 for most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen; you should see a doctor–you and Mila might have something in common. Mila Kunis has chronic iritis, or inflammation in her eye. It is responsible for her being blind in one eye for years.

When I think of Mila’s story–coming to the US at age 7, without knowing a word of English, with her parents and brother with only $250 to their names and then becoming a super talented international superstar–I think there is blockbuster-levels of excitement and drama; she didn’t need anything else to make her story more extraordinary. Yet she one-ups herself has this rare eye condition that makes her all the more amazing.

Though Mila had her blindness surgically corrected in 2010 (around the same time of her breakup with¬†Macaulay Culkin, as numerous articles are quick to point out), she still has a lasting effect: two different colored eyes. As Natalie Portman so aptly puts it, “it was incredibly beautiful. It was like an Elisabeth Taylor thing that she had

Mila kept her condition a secret until after she had it corrected. At that point, no one would ever have to know but she chose to share her story and that too makes her even more awesome.

She sums up the experience like this:¬†“I was blind in one eye for many years, and nobody knew…I’m not blind anymore. I had surgery a couple of months ago. They cut it open and dropped a new lens in there.”

We’re reaching dangerous levels of ¬†awesomeness–this post needs to end before someone gets hurt.

Happy weekend!