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World Travaillers is more than just a blog–we are a community.

We talk about living and traveling with disabilities (and without them). We all have our excuses to not travel–even our able-bodied readers! So in addition to travel tips and really cool adapted opportunities to get you super excited, you get a little friendly motivation, too.

People living with disabilities often have to work harder just to accomplish daily tasks, travailing on a daily basis. The word “travail,” to me, embodies the word “prevail.” We are a community of travaillers: it may take a little extra effort but we get there!

We’ve had visitors from about 80 countries; you are already a part of a community of travaillers that spans the entire globe.

About me: I am a life-long traveler turned crohnie traveler.  Adjusting to living with Crohn’s Disease is tough; but, getting the courage to travel with Crohn’s is even more so! I don’t wan’t Crohn’s to hold me back from seeing the world! I don’t want fear or doubts make you miss out either! So lets kick some travel-planning butt!


Please ask questions and share stories! You can send them to me anyway you choose: Email Facebook , or Twitter.

No matter where you are or what your struggle, you are now part of the World Travaillers Community! The best way we can help ourselves and each-other is through the community we build. I encourage you to send questions, stories or opinions. You never know how your feedback might help a fellow travailler.

It’s been proven that information and technology alone are not going to create real change. Today, we see information on health soaring and yet we have seen an increase in obesity, adult onset diabetes, and other preventable diseases. We see information on finances everywhere, yet a rise in debt and mismanaged money. Information needs to be coupled with a community to have any real life-changing effects. – Jeffrey Olson

Let’s make World Travaillers to be the best possible resource; let’s couple the information with our community!


What do you think?

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