The Burn Unit’s favorite gun

Have you ever used spray tan? spray sunscreen? spray painted? used Febreeze? Then you have the skills to help burn victims become good as new!

When the skin is burned away, there is nothing to protect you from bacteria. It is critical to cover exposed injuries immediately to avoid infections. Skin grafts are typically used but they are painful, take weeks to heal and often leave noticeable scars.

That’s where Dr. Jörg C. Gerlach comes in. He found a way to take a small sample of healthy skin cells from the patient (including stem cells), grow them out and spray the cells, using a “spray gun”, over the wound. Why is this so great?

  • From the point of collecting healthy cells, the entire process takes only 1.5 hours.
  • The technology uses the patient’s own cells so it will not be rejected.
  • The procedure is very light and painless relative to it’s surgical alternative.
  • The patient heals faster (days vs. weeks) and has much lesser scaring.

I don’t want to show graphic pictures. To give you an idea of how well this spray gun works, look at this boy. He had 2nd degree burns covering the front of his torso: neck to navel. This is him after the treatment.

Zed Merrick after 2nd degree burn treated with ReCell spray gun

Can you imagine what this 2 year old would have had to go through if this treatment wasn’t available?

ReCell Treatment has a variety of other uses from improving the appearance of scars and wrinkles, tattoo removal and other skin damage/conditions. 

For Zed’s full story, including some graphic pictures, read here: it’s skincredible.


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