Fowl Shoes: Buttercup’s most snazzy accessory are making a splash!

Disabled animals deserve the best tech us humans can think up! It’s Animal Week and Technology Tuesday, so I’ve got something pretty sweet for you: Buttercup.

Buttercup the duck with her 3D printed prosthetic footButtercup was born with a deformed leg last year. Feathered Angels Sactuary in Tennessee took over from there and provided the best of care to ease this duckling’s pain and restore its ability to walk and swim.

This year, Buttercup’s angels scanned the healthy foot of his sister. The plastic used in 3D printing is rigid and unsuitable to best restore function of the limb. Instead, they printed a mold for a silicon cast that was then worn by the duckling.

Buttercup's 3d printed foot

I think it’s safe to say that Buttercup is no ugly duckling;
and he’s got some pretty fly shoes if you ask me!

Okay, now who’s going to get this song out of my head?


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