Frequent Flying Genius

Next time you are on a plane and you get grumpy with the person sitting next to you who is hogging the arm rest, snoring or can’t stop showing you pictures of their great grand kids…

…consider you might be sitting next to a genius. Like Mr. Jason Lichtman.

Former frustrated frequent flyer, Lichtman struggled to get any sleep on board. And when he did manage to sleep, he’d undoubtedly miss the beverage service and awaken parched with no flight attendant in sight to help his poor dehydrated self.

Being a genius, Lichtman designed a mask so he could fall asleep in peace. Like any sleep mask worth your time, it blocked out light. On the strap around his head, you can store ear plugs.

But his truly extraordinary brain cells had a field day and introduced a whiteboard to the design. The whiteboard further blocks out light while allowing you to leave instructions for flight attendants. “Wake me up for beverage service”. And thus was born the Total Eclipse travel mask.

Total Eclipse flight mask whiteboard

For me, I have a few other uses in mind. For example…

-leave love notes to your fellow passengers: “Your hair looks really good today“.

-leave advice for your neighbor: “Sorry if I fall asleep on you. Just push me over, I’ll be fine. PS. I drool.

-and if you’re having a really bad day: “Don’t you dare disturb, unless we are going down.”

I also imagine it would be great fun to bring on a group trip, especially if you generously let someone borrow the mask without telling them you have the pen. The possibilities are endless!!

If you had one of these masks, what would you write?


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