Happy Fourth of July

Today we celebrate the United States of America’s independence!

On this day in 1776, our Founding Fathers drafted the Declaration of Independence that gave birth to this great nation.

Little celebrated is Constitution Day (September 17, 1787), which marks the birth of our current system of government. The initial system–the Articles of Confederation–was weak. One of the Founding Fathers, James Madison, is one of the major forces responsible for replacing it with the strong system of today.

James Madison - Founding Father of USAWithout James MadisonFounding Father, Father of the Constitution, Father of the Bill of Rights, and 4th President of the United States — the US would not be the great nation it is today.

So today, as you celebrate your freedom and being part of a nation and government that is presently making historic changes for the people, I hope you remember the debt you owe to this great and disabled man.

It is not super well-known that James Madison was disabled; his intellectual achievements tend to overshadow. He was a very frail child and even as an adult he was only about 5’5″ and about 100 lbs–the smallest of all American Presidents.  He had to overcome a speech impairment that prevented him from doing public speaking until he was 30 years old. And around the 1770’s, Madison began to experience epileptic seizures and went into a depression.

The hope of realizing his dream of religious freedom brought him out of his depression and lead him to work on the Declaration of Independence. By the time of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Madison was experiencing a disabling attack of malaria. These attacks continued the rest of his life and became increasingly debilitating in his later years.

With all that is currently happening in our nation, I think President Madison’s words are as true as ever:
James Madison - Equal rights

Read here for more info on James Madison, his accomplishments and disabilities.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!


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