BYOR: Bring your own ramp

In Brazil, a paraplegic man was left to his own devices when city officials repeatedly ignored his request to make the town hall wheelchair accessible.

Samuel Nobile de Oliveira (Paraplegic) builds wheelchair ramp in Brazil

Here you can see Samuel Nobile de Oliveira making his OWN ramp on his day off.

While this image is moving in that a man with a disability is literally left on his butt by his city. He is alone and Mr. (or Ms.) Green Shorts is just standing by not helping.

The town mayor said “I apologize to all disabled by the situations and constraints… We will take appropriate action in the city so this does not happen anymore.” Oddly, this does not reassure me.

I do have to give great credit to Samuel for taking initiative while simultaneously putting every able-bodied city official to shame. He did not accept the status quo and challenged those who tried to prove otherwise — what an inspiration!

Accessibility is a right–in public buildings above all–and he did his city a great service by enforcing that right. I’m glad the media caught on to his rather heroic stand and that his actions will help others defend their rights.

Read more here.


2 thoughts on “BYOR: Bring your own ramp

  1. Would you be interested in talking with my uncle? He works for the state making sure all buildings are up to code for disabled people

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