A human’s guide to winning

Kenyan runner gives disabled peer water

An elite Kenyan runner was in good position to win a race and the $10,000 prize. While she had her eye on the prize; that was not the only thing she had her eye on. When passing a dehydrated disabled runner, she not only noticed, but she sacrificed winning the race to give him some of her water. She came in second place, but she was the winner in my book.

There so much think about every day. What should I wear? What am I going to make for dinner?

Going to the grocery store, you repeat your list in your mind so you don’t forget anything, religiously checking the time. You dig through your pockets to get the exact change. And you have tunnel vision the entire time – or an acute case of focus and concentration.

Meanwhile, while your checking your phone, counting your change, and rattling off your list… you miss the neighbor who was waving at you. You are completely oblivious when you pass a homeless person in need. You miss the mom in the parking lot who dropped her bag as her children run in front of cars.

It’s so easy to tune out what is around you even to complete mundane everyday tasks. But let’s say that you’ve been dreaming and working towards a goal for years! After all that effort and dedication, not much can get between you and your goal.

That is what makes this story so heroic.

This runner demonstrates the true meaning of winning. Her grace and generosity is a reminder to us all that no matter what struggles you face today, there are always good people out there lending a helping hand. And you can be one of them.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!


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