My pill bottle and me

It can be tough to make environmental efforts in your daily life when you are living with a disability. This weeks Technology Tuesday featured the environmentally responsible Solar Powered Wheelchair, and it’s exciting because you see environmental efforts becoming accessible! I don’t think that’s something many people give much thought to.

Personally, my biggest frustration is from all my empty medicine bottles. Think about how many prescription, vitamin and suppliment bottles you pile up each year. Multiply that to reflect a lifetime. It’s a big deal.

I know you can recycle the normal way, but I just feel there has to be something better to do! Unfortunately, pharmacies don’t reuse those bottles. So I tried to think of other uses/ideas and here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • travel sewing kit – just add thread, needle, safety pins, etc.
  • travel size container for shampoo, conditioner or lotion.
  • ice maker – or popsicle maker, single serving of jello (shot) maker, or freeze some coffee/tea for a hot summer’s day.
  • sharps container – or for traveling with a razor.
  • art…

pill bottle art

Obviously these can make a great storage solution for:

  • coins – for parking or laundry.
  • craft supplies – glitter, push pins, buttons, etc.
  • masculine craft supplies – nails, screws, nuts, bolts
  • food – airtight storage for spices or for packing single servings for lunch (of salad dressing for example)
  • game pieces or dice.

Other options:

  • Medical Information – Since paramedics might look for medicines in your refrigerator/freezer, you can put all your medical info inside a prescription bottle and store it there. This way your info is easy to find in case of emergency.
  • String Musical instrument humidifier – since string instruments need humidity. Poke a whole in the lid of the bottle and fill it with a wet sponge. I wouldn’t know but these guys say it’s a “perfect humidifier for your instrument case.”
  • Donate to your veterinary office or local humane society- they are not as strictly controlled as human pharmacies. (They might even accept expired antibiotics and other expired prescriptions).

I’m not blown away with this list. I still wish there was something more I could do. So I would LOVE to hear whatever ideas you’ve come up with or any programs you know that recycle or reuse bottles! Please comment below.

Last one, I promise: ears for your giraffe Halloween costume 😉



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