Environmentally disabled

Let’s face it. No matter how environmentally conscious a person is, the realities of disability are generally not so friendly to Mother Earth. Consider all the necessary medical equipment and their carbon foot print.

So it’s very exciting to see environmental responsibility meets medical technology!

Students at the University of Virginia designed this solar powered wheelchair.

Solar powered wheelchairBiomedical research and medical device technology is advancing so quickly! People are designing and building things I could have never dreamed of. But the same can be said about environmental sciences.

Medical Device and Environmental Tech sounds like the perfect marriage! And this chair is just their first born.

I can’t wait to see the next thing I haven’t dreamed up come to life!


3 thoughts on “Environmentally disabled

  1. Very cool that they are being environmentally conscious, but look at the size of that thing! How are they going to transport it anywhere?

    • It’s probably for people with disabled hair follicles who also use wheelchairs. It’s like a techie version of those huge summer hats some people where at the beach. You know the ones I’m talking about? They keep the wearer and her 20 closest friends in the shade 😉 It’s a fashion statement really–everyone’s going to have solar panels on their head soon; just you wait.
      Thanks for commenting Jenny! ❤

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