Wheelchair mermaid

Last night ABC aired a story about the first wheelchair mermaid.

No, I’m not talking about Lady Gaga’s alter-ego Yuyi the Mermaid. And still not her predecessor Bette Midler’s Mermaid in a Wheelchair singing act.
Though I will echo the sentiments of the Lady Gaga article: ” Personally, I’m in love with her new persona. I’ve always contested that mermaids are a natural to combine with a wheelchair because they would need one if they ever went on land. Plus,…she’s making it a breeze to cosplay her if you can’t walk”.

Sue Austin wheelchair mermaidBut I’m not talking about them, I’m talking about the deep sea diving enchantress Sue Austin.

She lost her mobility after battling cytomegalovirus. When she finally got her wheelchair, she felt so liberated. She regained so much, but others viewed her chair as limiting. Through art she is trying to change this misconception. She started diving a few years ago after she consulted some engineers who told her it was impossible. That motivated her more than anything and now she’s swimming with the fishes.

Let her take you on her journey and become part of the art; watch her TedTalk.

What do you think?

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