Ablevision: Tom Brady’s starstruck sneak attack

One of the most rewarding parts about writing this blog is being continually surprised.

The technological advances are always mind blowing. But I’ve accepted the fact that there are and will always be enough research/innovations to keep the world’s fastest reader occupied for a lifetime.

The thing I haven’t gotten used to is how people touched by disability are motivated to change the world for the better. I’ve barely been able to scratch the surface with what I’ve been able to cover so far: from making superhero capes for children with disabilities and dolls that disabled children can relate to, to taking initiative to make local activities accessible like boating, skiing, piloting, dancingmarathoning, and even safari-ing!! (There’s more, that’s just all I can list in only 5 breathes) Its incredible! And never ceases to amaze.

I came across Ablevision on YouTube today–a channel produced entirely by 45 crew members with mental and physical disabilities.

We seek to entertain and inform our viewers, and most importantly, we want everyone to know that we can do anything! Not only do we want to portray people with disabilities in a positive light, but also offer a unique program that allows people with disabilities creative control and direction. –YouTube profile

While the YouTube channel only posts clips of episodes (view entire episodes at, I have to admit I’m impressed! And you can even hire Ablevision to produce a professional video for your business 😉 😉 I had a lot of fun going through clips and learned a bunch about the disabled community in Boston, including the annual Best Buddies Football Challenge.

Best Buddies is an international nonprofit that pairs up individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with members of the community. Quarterback Tom Brady has been involved with Best Buddies for 10 years and played QB for both teams in the buddies touch-football game. Brady even took an interview with Abelvision (watch here) and you can see how passionate he is for the event and for his buddy.

Best Buddies has been stunningly influential in communities around the world, boasting that “Best Buddies volunteers annually contribute, at no cost to their communities, support services that equate to more than $168 million USD.” Holy smokes!

I know it’s not Saturday, but gosh darn it, I’m a little Starstruck for Tom Brady and for the Ablevision crew!!
Starstruck Saturday came early this week.

Tom Brady Best Buddies


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