iEye, matey!

The world’s first bionic eye has been presented to the world, thanks to the work of 60 people at the Monash University in Australia.

Clinical trials will begin next year to show how this prototype will live up to its expectations. Designed for people who are completely blind, this device will allow users to to make out general shapes and colors. This low resolution image is taken from a camera on the front of the glasses, transmitted to microchips implanted into the skull that stimulate the visual cortex of the brain.

bionic eye prototype

For this reason, this technology is meant for people who are completely blind but have the structures in the brain intact necessary for sight. I think it is meant for people who once had sight but lost it so that they know how to interpret the images, but humans are very adaptable folk. I think even people who have never seen a thing before could learn to interpret these images.

This technology can be used on different settings such as floor mapping, so that the user can make out, for example, gutters. Users will also be able to make out silhouettes of people and will help people regain some independence in their lives. It’s very exciting and it predates the hoped-for arrival of a bionic eye in 2020. Kodos Monash University! Way to accept a challenge and complete it 7 years early! That’s what we like to see 😉


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