No Limits Sports!

One of the highlights of the No Limits Weekend was where diverse abilities met sports!IMG_2998

The athletic events were held in a nice sports park right on the beach, with a nice view of the water and the mountains. It was the perfect spot!

On Saturday (May 25), there was a power chair hockey match.

Day open to diverse abilities banner

“Giornata aperta alle diverse abilità”
Day open to diverse abilities

I was impressed to see that medical responders were present. They were stationed at the sidelines of the game, with their ambulance parked at the top of the stairs.

Medical responders and ambulance

Note: Since Italian structures are generally historical, medical responders must transport patients up and down many steep staircases.  In this case, these stairs are not too steep and not very long. The wheelchair-accessible ramp is on the far side of the park and opens to a congested parking lot filled with pedestrians. I’m saying this to give perspective and to show that there was some thought that went into the layout of the event.
Maybe the fact that at the top of the stairs was the easiest place to park played into the decision-making process, but it is definitely where you would want them to be stationed if there was a real emergency. Don’t get me wrong, you know I love to poke fun of how people interpret “accessibility” here (and this one is still kinda funny), but you also have to give credit where credit is due. And the organizers of this event deserve a lot of credit.

Power chair hockey match

You can see a clip from the match on our YouTube channel. I’d advise you to appreciate the coaching being done–it’s pretty funny.  My only regret is that I didn’t catch when the coach ran onto the field and hit one of her players…

Spare chair and hockey stick

Do you think you’d enjoy being part of the fun next year but don’t have hockey gear/swag?
They have extra. 😉 😉


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