Fleet of unFriendly Fees for Flying

On this trip, I encountered a few fees at the airport that I didn’t expect. I hope my experience will help you avoid them!!

FEE 1 – Overweight luggage.

When we were packing for our trip, we pulled out the scale and awkwardly tried to balance the suitcase on it. It came in at healthy 50.4lbs. When we got to the airport, they weighed it and it was 56lbs.

It was around 2009-2010 that airlines started allowing only one checked bag. There is typically a weight limit of 50 lbs, as was the case with us.

The airline representative said that the extra 6 lbs would cost us $150!! You are not allowed to re-pack at the counter so the Rep said we had only until she could input our information in the computer to print out our boarding passes. We quickly took out shoes and clothes and put them into my carry on bag. Just in time we got down to 50.6 lbs. We looked at the Rep with wide eyes; she said “that’ll do” and we could breathe again.

I did know about this fee I’d just never hear about how much it would be. I don’t think its easy information to find when booking a flight. Good thing you have me to tell you these things 😉

I guess being overweight really is bad for the economy.

FEE 2 – Unsigned Passport

Before landing in Germany, the crew reminded everyone to sign their passports. If you go to customs with an unsigned passport, they will fine you €2,000 (about $2,600) which you must pay on the spot. If you cannot pay, they will deport you on the next flight. After traveling for almost 12 hours, returning the way I came sounded like the stuff of nightmares!!

I hope my experience will help you with your financial fate while flying! Have


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