€ 500 Mistake

You were probably up all night after the beautiful cliffhanger in yesterday’s post. Don’t worry! You can sleep well tonight because you don’t have to wait any longer! Here we go!

I was in line for the cash register and the lady in front of me was paying her total. She took out a € 500 bill and handed it to the cashier. The cashier barely glanced at it before she handed it back to her: “I can’t take this.”

The lady looked very confused and asked why. “It’s not real. It’s a facsimile.” The lady was in genuine shock. and kept asking herself how this could happen and where did she get it from. She kind of looked down and cocked her head in confusion as she tried to run through the events that led up to this moment. As she returned to reality, she progressed to the next stage of loss, denial, and she ripped up the bill.

The lady was Italian and from out of town. She could have received it in a new wallet or as a joke or while playing some sort of Monopoly game. The fake bill could have come from anywhere. But it also could have come from someone with malicious intent, taking advantage of a stranger or someone not paying attention. This was clearly her concern as well.

It could have been a bad bank teller!

She let me see her shredded bill. Here it is on the left and on the right is what a real bill looks like.


Real 500 euro bill

Instantly, it’s recognizable as a fake and even has it stamped in bright red that it’s only a facsimile. People often check their receipt to see if they received the correct change, but when you focus on that…you might be too focused to realize that the color of the bill is wrong, even if the number amount is right.

If someone who’s used this currency before can be fooled, imagine what shenanigans goes on right before the eyes of an unknowing tourist…

Be vigilant, my friends.


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