Beware Of Children

When preparing for a trip to Italy (okay, Europe in general but Italy especially), many people will probably ask you “Aren’t you afraid to travel there?” or “Did you know my friend had their wallet/purse stolen?” or “Do you have one of those pouches you wear under your shirt to hold your money?”

Theft is a big problem from being pick-pocketed, without noticing, to being mugged, very noticeably. You have to look out for Gypsies who see tourists as easy targets. The best thing you can do is present yourself like the experienced traveler you wish you were. There are small things you can do that will go a long way, for example:

  1. ALWAYS be touching your belongings. If you have a backpack and are just sitting somewhere, hold it between your feet or keep a hand on it.
  2. Secure your belongings. Hold your purse close to your body or use a cross-the-body purse/bag. Don’t just hold it—secure it! Either with a strap or held firmly. Remember straps can be cut. Someone can cut your purse right off you! So keep control of not just the strap but the body of the purse/bag itself!
  3. Don’t keep your money all in one place so you’ll always have some if you get pick-pocketed. AND people may watch where you pull your money from when you buy, say, a gelato. Then they will know exactly where you keep your money and how they can extract it from you.
  4. Stay calm when you are lost and hiding your confusion. Nothing says Pick Me! like a lost and confused tourist.
  5. Beware of children. There are gypsy children that go up to people asking for money, selling something, or playing instruments for money…DON’T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN! This is just a distraction to take your money or an Intel mission to find out where you keep your money so they can take it from you later.

What all these tips boil down to…Be Aware Of Your Surroundings. You would be surprised what tourists let people get away with.

This is nothing you haven’t heard before or couldn’t figure out for yourself. But something happened the other day that REALLY surprised me. I COULD NOT BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED:



And with that, I’ll take a page out of Hollywood’s book, and take my leave. Nothing like a good cliff hanger 😉 I’ll tell you all about the craziness in tomorrow’s post! Stay tuned…


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