Tiny Superheroes!

Last week I shared this amazing clip of a real life disabled superhero as he fought to save a cashier at a store from being robbed. Heroes come in all forms.

Some of the biggest heroes come in small packages and face battles that can mean life or death. Just as Batman needs Alfred, these tiny superheros have  Robyn Rosenberger. Robyn heard of a baby girl, Brenna, who has a rare and serious skin condition. Robyn followed her blog, Super Brenna, and knew right away that she was a little superhero. And what does every superhero need? A cape!

Robyn makes superhero capes for children with disabilities or serious illnesses. She sees the fighter inside and helps bring it out. And thus started TinySuperheroes:

Tiny Superheroes in their capes

TinySuperheroes seeks to empower our little ones — one cape at a time. We donate capes to Extraordinary TinySuperheroes who exemplify strength and determination as they overcome great adversity. Once these Extraordinary TinySuperheroes are comfortable in their new capes, we feature them on our blog, in hopes of giving them a voice, their illness or disability a face, and the world the opportunity to stretch.    –TinySuperheroes About Page

You can donate to help provide capes and in doing so, you will empower a child and spread awareness. Talk about a feel good deed!! And if there is a tiny superhero in your life, you can nominate them on their site.

Tiny Superhero capes


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