Starstruck: Halle Berry

The incredibly talented and beautiful Halle Berry

Starstruck: Halle BerryIt’s hard to put her name and disability in the same sentence. She is the picture of beauty, success, and what every little girl hopes to grow up to be. But did you know she’s diabetic (type 2) and spent a week in a diabetic coma. How do you make sense of this woman who is so full of life and seemingly healthy and who also has this very serious disease?

Like so many of the Starstruck Saturdays before, today’s star doesn’t let her disability limit her in any way. In fact, she says “that little disease has really been a good thing in [her] life“; it has made her more health conscious and she looks the same as she did…well, since I can remember!

The way she talks about diabetes, it sounds like she considers it a blessing in disguise in her life.

Now, I know some people may feel a little uneasy calling either Halle or diabetes disabled/a disability. Where is the line drawn? Is a stubbed toe a disability? How about carpel tunnel syndrome?  Or a good old fashioned zit?

Here’s my answer to you: Diabetes definitely causes a drastic change in lifestyle adds new concerns to your daily life. Complications can easily add new limitations such as amputating feet. In the context of travelling, diabetics have to be concerned (at the very least) about having a refrigerator available for their insulin. So I think it can qualify as a disability. But not necessarily.

Intrigued? I hope so, because that’s just the conversation you can look forward to on Monday!

PS. It doesn’t count as a conversation if I’m talking to myself. Think about what ‘being disabled’ means to you, and let me know if you think I’ve got it right!

Happy Starstruck Saturday!

Update: You can read the follow-up post here.


3 thoughts on “Starstruck: Halle Berry

  1. Sorry, I don’t think Diabetes is a disability itself so I don’t think it should be classified as a disability. Most diabetics are able bodied unless they lose an arm, leg, hand or foot due to poor circulation.

    • Thank you so much for commenting! And thank you for having the courage to be the first!

      A couple months ago I would have agreed with out without hesitation, about diabetes not being a disability. I’m not saying my answer would necessarily be different now, but I would most definitely hesitate. I don’t want to give anything away, but my idea of ‘disability’ has changed through my experience with this blog. I hope you’ll read about it on Monday’s post and keep commenting!

      I really appreciate you breaking the ice. I would really love having many people in on this conversation. I think today, more than ever before, the idea of ‘disability’ is being challenged. And that is hugely important! So thanks for challenging me. And if you think I’ve got it wrong on Monday too, keep challenging!

      Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the future! Have a wonderful weekend.

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