Speed racer

Last month I told you all about a program I’m involved with and am super excited about–in this post–where I get to train and run a race to raise money and awareness for my disease. It was an empowering experience for me. (If you might be interested in doing a similar program, you should read that post. ūüėČ )

The reason I bring it up again is because a great story was posted on our Facebook Page recently that took my experience and then brought it to a whole new level!!

Dick Hoyt became a father, in 1962, to Rick who has cerebral palsy. In 1977, Rick wanted to do a 5 mile charity run. His father pushed him across the finish-line and Rick told him that he didn’t feel disabled when they were running. Dick, who was not in the best shape and didn’t have the easiest time with the 5 mile race, was forever changed by those words.

Team Hoyt racing

Since then, Dick and Rick Hoyt have completed over 1,000 races!! That included 70 marathons and 6 Ironmans (as of a year ago). Dad pushes son during the running leg, bikes with him on an adapted 2 seater bike, and tows him in an inflatable raft. Together they completed a marathon in 2:40–just 35 minutes behind the world record!!

They started a non-profit in 1989:¬†The Hoyt Foundation. It promotes inclusion and builds self-esteem in disabled youth. They also have endurance programs to raise money for their non-profit. It is just like the program I’m participating in and wrote about.

The Hoyt men are the epiphany of what it is to be a World Travailler. They’ve gone to and done things most able bodied people could never dream of accomplishing. They did them no despite the disability, but more to conquer it! Rick didn’t feel disabled on these adventures. Most American’s have barely traveled their own country; I’d guess the average American has been to maybe 5 states. The Hoyt’s ran and biked across the entire country in 45 days.

They have the travailler spirit!!

I think is so important to share. I can’t imagine a single person who wouldn’t be moved or inspired by it.

If you think you can handle it, here’s a video of their story. It’s a real tear jerker:


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