Starstruck – Jessica Cox

Jessica Cox is like a modern day Sally Ride.

She has accomplished more in her 30 years (so far!!) than most will accomplish in a lifetime. She plays piano, is married, is a motivational speaker, has two black belts in Taekwondo, has flown a plane, and is currently filming a documentary. All with no hands.

Jessica Cox - Jessica was born with no arms and has accomplished so much with just her feet! She types with her feet and earned a degree in psychology. She drives a car with her feet and is in the Guinness Book for being the first armless person to become a certified pilot. She can eat using chopsticks (with her feet), which is a feat all in itself! She can even put on makeup with her feet – not that she needs it!

Just 2 days ago, Jessica left to fly to Ethiopia. She will be working with Handicap International to advocate for children with disabilities, who are often not integrated into the school system.

She is a growing star and has already made it onto the Ellen DeGeneres Show:

Jessica says that deciding to not wear her prosthetic arms when she was 14 was one of the best decisions of her life. It opened her life up to new opportunities and now she can accomplish her dreams–with her own two feet!

Jessica completed an indiegogo campaign to film a documentary while she is in Ethiopia for the next week with Handicap International. The campaign is very touching and you can visit it here. They are still fundraising for additional costs (mainly editing, I believe) and you can learn how to contribute by visiting her campaign page.

Jessica is an amazing advocate for people with disabilities. She has a large online presence and is only to happy to answer any questions you have. And I’m really looking forward to following her journey in Ethiopia on her twitter page!

Happy Starstruck Saturday and have a wonderful weekend!!


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