Starstruck Motivation

I haven’t been able to get something from one of my previous posts out of my head: people believe you can’t be both disabled and beautiful.

That is so incredibly untrue that it was painful to write it. It’s been so unsettling, so I’m doing my part to show anyone that believes that statement how wrong they are.

Just take a look at any of the celebrities featured on Starstruck Saturday–they are all inspiring, strong and beautiful!!

So, this Motivational Monday I’ll leave it to one of those incredible stars to try to explain…

She is was born without fibulae, one of those important bones in your legs, and by her first birthday, her lower legs were amputated. 

She excelled in academics, winning a Foreign Affairs internship at the Pentagon while studying at Georgetown–she became the youngest person (17) to hold top secret clearance at the Pentagon. She also excelled in sports, was the first to double amputee to compete in NCAA Division I track and field. She broke 3 world records in the 1996 Paralympics.

She then excelled in modeling, acting and motivational speaking.

I am so Starstruck for Aimee Mullins!

Her speech at the Ted talks will completely change the way you see “disability” and beauty. She argues, very convincingly, that disability is fashionable; and, she will make you question what “disability” really means. No one says it better than her!

It’s a little long, but so very worth the time!! Please watch this, it’s so important!

Have a wonderful week my beautiful readers!


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