Cutting Edge Tech at the Abilities Expo

I saved one of the absolute coolest things I saw this weekend at the expo for this Technology Tuesday.

The techie hit of the convention, for me, was the Ekso Bionics Exoskeleton for people with lower body weakness/paralysis.

Ekso Bionic Exoskeleton Demo

I had heard of exoskeletons before. For example, a paraplegic woman walked the London Marathon last year using the ReWalk suit by Argo Medical Technologies. But what really sets apart the Ekso, to me, is its slender form and natural gait. Relative to the competition, Ekso’s frame is so sleek! In fact, (crutches aside) I think this model is more descrete than the leg braces Forest Gump wore! It’s incredible how they can make such a natural design, that has impressively natural-looking mechanics, and still sturdy enough to support a full grown person.

The Ekso is already in use in rehab centers and has plans to be available for individual purchase in two years.
I filmed one of the demonstrations for your viewing pleasure. The first 2:25 shows the set up and the rest of the video shows the tester walking around and talking about the Esko.

This is huge, people!! I’m so excited to see how they will build on this already fantastic model. Who knows, maybe in a few years will bring the first paraplegic to run a marathon! I hope I’ll be there to see it!
Keep it up!


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