Abilities Expo-tivation

I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patty’s Day! I imagine, after last night’s festivities, many readers will need a little extra help this bright Monday morning. Thankfully, it’s Motivational Monday time!

It feels only right to dedicate this post to the Abilities Expo I attended this weekend.

I will be honest, somewhere deep down, I was expecting to see a lot of broken people. My own disability knocked me down about 12 pegs, so I guess I thought I’d see people as broken as I’ve felt in the past. The biggest surprise of the entire event was seeing just how wrong I was!

It was an honor to be part of such an inspiring event. These are some of the inspirational highlights:
Don’t stop until the end–I have a special video for you at the bottom! 😉


Adapted Equipment – LA Marathon!

Today is difficult for some because of some Irish fun. For others, its because they ran the LA Marathon. This booth (Strae Sport) had adapted bikes for amputees/paraplegics that are more steady and race-ready. In fact, one of these beauties actually crossed the finish-line at the marathon! How’s that for inspiring?

IMG_2016 - cropped    20130318-022149.jpg     20130318-022229.jpg

Adaptive Climbing

People of all disabilities made their way up this wall, met the challenge, and rang the bell all the way at the top! For some it was more difficult than others. One man was working hard at it for probably 15 minutes, but he didn’t give up and when he rang that bell, the whole place erupted in cheers!! He’s a travailler if there ever was one!

Mark Smith at Abilities Expo

Meeting Mark Smith

I had no idea that this amazing motivational blogger would be at the event, but I was thrilled to meet him in person! As you know, I love Mark and have even quoted him in previous Mondays. In case you were wondering, he’s even more amazing in person. Check out his blog here: powerchairdiaries.com.

Team Hot Wheelz!

Check these hotties out! These seven girls are a team of wheelchair dancers, and the epitome of the attitude and spirit of the expo that blew me away. They are beautiful and talented performers. Their disability was honestly an after-thought. They let the fact that they can’t walk hold them back about as much as the fact that I can’t write with my left hand holds me back.

Ali Stroker, member of the team and also a star on Glee, said–something to the effect of–she was grateful for everything that had happened in her life to bring her to this point, including her injury because it has given her so many opportunities, including this opportunity to meet all the attendees and to perform for us. The entire team had this same amazing attitude and grace. They were a HUGE inspiration to so many of the attendees. The team invited the entire audience to join them in their last performance. The stage became filled with dancers. (I’ll try to find a good video of the that to upload)

Enjoy this video of a piece of my favorite of their routines. You should watch, you’ll see what I mean.


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