Starstruck: Prince


You all know Prince. Famous artist. Music Sensation. Fashion…conscious?

But look a little deeper.      Listen a little closer…


There’s something else there. Can you see it?


Prince earned his celebrity status a couple decades ago. He choose to let us know only 3 years go about his struggle. He shared his secret on TV in the interview below (video) and explained how epilepsy played a life-changing role in getting him to where he is.

To cope with the disorder and the teasing that accompanied it, Prince retreated “into self” and began to learn music. Music became a sort of therapy: he improved his skills on the piano and suddenly changed from the kid who has seizures to the kid with major chops. Our disabilities often take us on a path we never envisioned for ourselves, but they can be so much more. Just ask Prince.

He chose another interesting way to cope…flashy fashion choices. Prince explains that he used this flashiness to compensate.

Our disabilities can have a huge effect on every aspect of our lives–they may be responsible for  discovering a new passion and who you meet. But that is only a bad thing if you let it be. Prince faced the same challenges and odds as plenty of healthy musicians, but it’s his illness that ultimately set him apart: it helped him develop his talent and his iconic image.

When one door closes… the back gate opens, a window mysteriously shatters, or a ladder descends in front of you. There is no way to predict what path your life will take. There are plenty of surprises in store.


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