Abilities Expo

Happy Friday!

Join me for an awesome weekend! I am so excited to be heading out today to the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles to check out their events, workshops and exhibits on just about every topic you can imagine.

I will keep you updated on Twitter or Facebook Page throughout the day to share what I’m learning. Send me your questions through your media of choice, or email me if you’d like to keep your anonymity: JoAndrea@worldtravaillers.com.

I’ll grill the experts and find you an answer!As the site says, this expo is THE event for people with disabilities. So if you’ve wondered it, it’s there.

Wonder what type of new technologies are out there?  They’ve got it
(I’m looking forward to seeing the Robotic Legs by Esko Bionics!)
ver wonder wanted to learn to do Latin Wheelchair dancing?
This is your chance.
Need a demo first?Check out this all-girl hip hop team of wheelchair dancers.
Want to go rock climbing? Of course they have and adaptive climbing wall!
If thats not your thing, try Powerchair Soccer, Chair Yoga, adaptive rowing or meet Ms. Wheelchair California 2013.
And if you’re really adventurous, you can get a free hearing screening!

This all sounds amazing (there will be a flash mob!) but a lot of the more serious issues will also be addressed. There are workshops centered on legal, medical, emotional and financial questions, and on how to pick the right vehicle/equipment.

There will be tons of exhibits and workshops, so lets squeeze all the info we can out of these guys! And if you don’t have a question you’re dying to ask, send me the hardest question you can think of. I like a challenge. 

Did I mention you should send me your questions? 😉


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