Starstruck: Lucille Ball

Happy Women’s Day!

March 8 is International Women’s Day.
It is a real and widely celebrated holiday–I learned this on my travels. In Italy, men (and women) give mimosa flowers to the important women in their lives. I thought it was the sweetest thing when my housemate gave all the women in our apartment these beautiful flowers! No wonder Italians are so hot…

To celebrate Women’s Day, we are talking about the Queen of Comedy.       You know the one: Lucille Ball!!

Yes, we’re excited too.

Being the Queen of Comedy, she made it all look so easy. Everyone knew about her talent for comedy, her marriage to her costar Desi Arnaz, and her son/costar. (That was actually the first pregnancy shown on TV–after getting approval from some religious figures they wrote Ball’s real-life pregnancy into the script. However, they could not use the word “pregnant” which is why she was always expecting)

Beyond the glamorous life of Ms. Ball, you find a different story.

Lucille Ball had Rheumatoid Arthritis. She was just a teenager when she had a severe attack in her legs that drove her to the hospital. She had to put her modeling career on hold and left NYC to be cared for by her by her mother for two years. But that’s about all you’ll find on the topic. (Unless you believe this account of a Psychic Healer that claimed to have treated her).

This is a chronic disease so why did we never hear anything after this? I now realize there has been a shift in how we appreciate the famous.

Lucille Ball could never share her burden. In fact she was given the additional burden of hiding her RA. But today, celebrities can be open about what makes them human. The list of celebrities who have shared that they have ADHD and/or learning disabilities is through the roof. Michael J. Fox not only gets to be open about his fight with Parkinson’s but is embraced by today’s Hollywood. It’s one thing Hollywood has gotten right.

We love celebrities for their weaknesses, what makes them human. And their stories empower us.

If comic royalty can make the world laugh through her excruciating pain, we can all find laughter midst our own personal pains.

I have to say it. I Love Lucy ❤


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