Starstruck: Harriet Tubman

We all know the story of how Harriet Tubman (aka. General Moses) escaped slavery and lead 13 other missions through the Underground Railroad to help 70 others escape. She never lost a “passenger”, went on to help 300 fugitive slaves escape to Canada, and started the Harriet Tubman Home.

But did you know that Tubman had narcolepsy, seizures and visions?

When she was only 12 years old, Tubman refused to restrain another slave; her master struck her in the head with a weight. He fractured her skull and then delivered her unconscious body to her mother. Tubman believes her hair–having never been combed–served as a buffer and saved her life. She was then forced to continue working until there was so much blood in her eyes, she couldn’t see. She developed seizures, narcolepsy and visions. Tubman attributed these visions to God and became deeply religious. 

This story is so moving: its hard to imagine any 12 year old with the sort of strength and courage it took for her to stand up to her master in this way. Maybe it was just my school, but I never learned this story. I think it only adds to her legacy: how a small child can make meaningful difference through their convictions.

This week marks 100 years since her passing. What a way to commemorate her legacy than to celebrate how, no matter your mental and physical challenges, you can change history. With determination, you can overcome any obstacle.

What a powerful story!!–her strength helps people, even today, find ways to overcome!
Think Underground Railroad and hidden messages in songs. She is the epitome of what this blog represents: Dream Big and Get Creative! The ultimate World Travailler!

Though Tubman was born almost 200 years ago, she is still remembered. Talk about star power.



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