Starstruck: David Beckham

The dreaded Monday morning has begun, and that can only mean one thing: its time for our motivational series. I’ve finally settled on the permanent name for this series: welcome to Motivational Monday!!

We are giving our new weekly series–Starstruck Saturday–a proper introduction! Every day this week, leading up to Saturday, we will be starstruck!

Our inaugural star needs no introduction. Face of last year’s Paralympics, David Beckham is nothing short of extraordinary! If his accomplishments and story isn’t Motivational Monday-worthy, his YouTube repertoire most definitely is!!

The Paralympics features Blind Soccer (or Blind Football–whatever suits you) as one of their sports. Naturally, Soccer-God Beckham took the field:

To learn more about the game, watch this personal interview with the UK Blind Soccer team Captain, Dave Clarke, and Beckham after their practice.

Videos from the Paralympics show time and again Beckham’s genuine interest and support of disabled athletes, on and off the field. Beck’s has also shown the same respect and support to other heroes, off of a different sort of field: the battlefield.

Beckham and soldier The Sun published this article about Beckham’s support for Karl Boon, a soldier who lost his leg in Afganistan.

Boon lost his £54-a-week disability check because he is able to walk, unaided, “about 400 yards.”

This touching picture and Beckham’s actions moved the nation! It launched a movement in the UK where almost 162,000 people signed a petition to get Boon’s benefits back

But that’s not all. Earlier this year, Beckham announced he would be playing for French Ligue 1, for free! His entire salary (over $1 million) will go to charity. The charity has not been officially selected. Victoria and David Beckham support many charities including their own charitable trust–which gives wheelchairs to disabled youth–and also Help for Heroes–which aids injured service personel returning from Iraq or Afganistan.

Surely that is enough, right? David couldn’t be any more perfect!

Or could he?

About 7 years ago, David revealed he has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. His OCD is pretty severe, so he is literally neurologically driven to perfection. Everything must be in a straight line and in pairs. Hotels can be stressful for him: for example, he must put all the leaflets and books away before he can relax. Lucky for him (*sarcasm*), his Manchester United teammates knew this and played pranks on him, deliberately messing with his room.

Somehow this one small imperfection makes David all the more perfect…lovable…choose your adjective.

He spoke about it openly in this late night interview that is both charming and very funny:

If these videos haven’t been motivational enough… I still have my secret weapon. And it’s relevant because of our Slight Edge quote of the day…

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust (Slight Edge, pg. 157)

In summary, Beckham (a) helps people with disabilities, (b) has a disability, and (c) dreams big! I couldn’t be more starstruck!

PS. Wouldn’t it be cool if he read this? I’m not saying you should bombard his social media sites with this link…but if you did, and it worked… that’d be pretty cool. 😉

Mr. Beckham, the only way we will know you read is if you leave us all a comment.

Much love all around. Happy Monday!


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