Dream Big! – There’s no holding you back

No Barriers USA is a non-profit that will completely change your mindset.

The truth of the matter is, if you can dream something up, you can make it happen! Now more than ever, people are capable and willing to help others with disabilities achieve their dreams!

You will see in this video, things you probably never considered were possible. It’s not a matter of what people in your situation have typically been able to do in the past; it’s about what you want to do! And what you will do!

Ask yourself what you really want. Don’t let yourself set limits that aren’t really there. You are not only allowed to dream big, you can achieve big!

Don’t believe me? Watch this video; it’ll show you beyond a shadow of a doubt that even the biggest dreams come true.
-Is music in your heart but you don’t have any arms? Play with your feet and develop your skill to become a true professional.
-Love the water but are a quad-amputee? Let someone rig up a kayak for you.

Seriously, think about it. What can’t we do?

* * *

I just finished reading a book that has changed the way I look at the world and the limits of what we can achieve. I couldn’t recommend The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson highly enough. I will definitely be reading it again in the future–it is that good.

While I sincerely hope you will read this book, I will share some of my favorite quotes with you over the next few days, in the hopes that your life will be changed by these words, too.

In the process of learning to walk, did you spend more time falling down or standing up? If you were anything like most babies, you failed (fell) far more than you succeeded (walked). It didn’t matter: you were on the path of mastery.
Did you ever have the thought of quitting? Did you ever say to yourself, You know, it looks like maybe I’m just not cut out for walking…oh well, I guess I’ll just have to crawl for the rest of my life—which really isn’t all that bad, when you stop and think about it. I’m sure I’ll get used to it…? Of course not. You were on the path of mastery. You were already a master—now it was only a matter of your walking skills catching up.
…Are there ay situations in your life today where you’ve given up and decided to keep crawling rather than go for what you really want, what you truly deserve?                                              –The Slight Edge, pg 117


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