Epic & Legendary Travel on Wheels Award Winner

I have been waiting and waiting to show this to you. I thought, the first day of Spring would be nice, but I just can’t wait anymore!! And, you know what? It’s summer time in South Africa! 😉

I want to introduce you to, by far, the coolest vacation trip idea I’ve come across yet for people traveling with disabilities. It is such a breakout star that I feel it deserves and award! So morally and ethically, I could not move forward in life without awarding Epic Enabled the World Travaillers’ February 2013 Epic & Legendary Travel on Wheels Award. Congratulations!

Epic Enabled provides a no-boundaries epic experience that “enables the disabled.” They do this with epic excursions like accessible safaris and tours in South Africa. Enter the site at your own risk because, once you see what these guys have to offer, this is what your face will look like:

Cheetah - you look delicious

Click to see more yummy pictures on their Facebook page.

There is nothing I can say that can’t be better said with a few pictures. I took the liberty of compiling a few pictures from Epic Enabled’s facebook page to illustrate what a “typical” day might be for epically enabled travelers!

You wake up, probably looking like this.

You spend your day just chillin’ with the cool cats.You might learn a few things along the way (like even baboons can recycle!)Maybe you’ll grab a drink with a friend…At the end of the day, you’ll look like this from all the fun-having.

I’m not sure anyone could top a smile like this!

And that’s why Epic Enabled is award worthy!!
Congratulations on such an epic program!!

This last picture says it all for me. I hope that this blog will help many more people find this sort of joy through traveling.

Happy Friday everyone! The possibilities are endless


4 thoughts on “Epic & Legendary Travel on Wheels Award Winner

    • Thank you! I try 🙂
      I’m so glad you commented; I hadn’t seen your site before and its pretty great!
      You seem to be quite the traveler…so, can I pick your brain for a second?I know you are able-bodied but do did you ever come across any places in your travels that are memorable to you for being particularly disability-friendly?
      For example, I remember thinking Italy would be so unfriendly to wheelchairs with all its cobble stones, but once winter ended, there were a handful of older men and women scooting along backwards in their chairs. There was one guy on my street who I saw almost every day, slowly chugging along–he was so sweet.
      I love your motto, Just Travel! I think I’ll have to share it in a post some time.
      Thanks for reading!!

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