Amsterdam’s competition

Last week, I came across some interesting news, to say the least. As yesterday’s teaser suggests, this news story is a bit controversial. I’ve been sitting on it, writing and scrapping countless drafts. I feel it’s my responsibility to all my beloved followers to share this story so, here we go!

In England, Madam Becky, with her 20 years of experience in illegal brothel management, has opened Para Doxies, a non-profit brothel meant solely for clients with disabilities.  Like Holland, prostitution is legal in the UK.  Unlike Holland, it is illegal to spend disability benefits on these services.

Amerstam’s Red Light district is controversial in itself. Still, it is a world-famous travel destination. Having visited myself, I can say there is a surprising amount of respect there. My concern is Madam Becky’s reputation will make her and this story a laughing stalk. It’s unfortunate because I think it’s coming from a good place:

A soldier who comes home from war disabled doesn’t stop being a normal, healthy person with normal, healthy needs. For many, disability can get in the way of fulfilling those needs. It can be very frustrating and painful… Everyone deserves to experience and enjoy sexual contact.    –Madam Becky Adams

Regardless of how you feel about this, there are a few things I think we can all agree on and take away from this story.

  1. This is a very exciting time in the world of disabled traveling. People are getting creative and dreaming up all sorts of accessible/adapted possibilities! If you can dream it up, it can happen!
  2. Madam Becky is addressing an issue no one else seems willing to, opening up this taboo conversation on a global scale. After all, there is no World Association of People with Disabilities with Intimacy Issues.

Before you pass judgment, I encourage you to just take a quick look at blogs with “disability” and “dating” tags. There are so many people struggling with this. One in particular changed me:  I URGE you to read it. It will change you too.

I’m so curious to know what other people think about this story. Please comment with your thoughts.


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