Travel buddy

Yesterday I told you travel buddies are the way to go. But did you know, your buddy might even be able to fly for free?

Remember the Air Carrier Access Act? It specifically spells our your rights:

Airlines may not require a person with a disability to travel with another person, except in certain limited circumstances where the rule permits the airline to require a safety assistant. If a passenger with a disability and the airline disagree about the need for a safety assistant, the airline can require the assistant, but cannot charge for the transportation of the assistant.

And you know what else? Its catching on! America’s top hat is now offering free travel for caregivers. In fact, Canada one upped us. They don’t charge for an extra seat in the case that the traveler is severely disabled by obesity. Check out Canada’s Airline Passenger Bill of Rights.

Lets say you want to take a private vacation away from you family, caregiver, etc… you can also hire a companion with different agencies! I won’t feature any because the best choice will depend on your needs. For example, would you like to travel with a registered nurse? Or would a general companion–without specific training/skills–that is simply willing to help, be the best fit for you? For a more outlandish idea, you can check out (It is a sort of an eHarmony for world travel, where a wealthy traveler can ask an attractive member to accompany him/her. The wealthy one pays all expenses.) I’m definitely not endorsing this way of traveling, but for the true adventurer, it might just be worth a try. Spontaneity is the spice of life!

I bring up MissTravel for two reasons: (1) when you encounter a problem, the best solution might require a little out-of-the-box thinking; and (2) its a great teaser for what’s in store for tomorrow’s post… 😉

Stay tuned, travaillers!


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