Crohnie Intervention – Part One

This comedian, Samuel Comroe, KILLED it with this hysterical set on Conan. Oh yeah, and he has tourettes.

This is a must watch for all of my followers.

I like to keep in touch with our community by reading up on your blogs. I try to find what’s concerning you so I can try to address it, and I try to find inspirational stories to share with you. Yesterday was by far the most gloomy day for wordpress-ers blogging about their disabilities, since I started this blog. So this calls for a dose of the world’s best medicine: laughter.

“Here’s the thing. I want a new twitch.” – Samuel Comroe

For me, the one thing that made the biggest difference in my outlook and attitude  after my diagnosis was HUMOR! I went to a Taking Steps fundraising walk for Crohn’s and Colitis (autoimmune diseases of the digestive tract) and saw all the participants with the best team names. (Party Poopers, #2 Crew, Pain in my butt… You get the idea.) Some time later, I was being treated by a nurse who was a real comedian. She inducted me into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Bag (if you’ve been initiated, trust me, you’d know). She had me genuinely laughing for half an hour when I was in the hospital, in pain and mortally embarrassed.

The reason I call my commiseraters my “crohnies” is because we have all survived and its all because we learned to see the humor in potty talk. Its something that bonds us and gives us the strength to keep on chugging, keep on being brave and having hope, and keep positive!  So I am hosting an intervention for everyone struggling with their disability right now. Traditionally, “crohnie” refers to a person suffering with Crohn’s Disease or Colitis. But today, I’m making everyone struggling with a disability an honorary crohnie. Whether you are struggling to accept your disability or to handle the challenges that come with the territory…Welcome to the First Ever Crohnie Intervention!

For me, finding humor was a complete revelation. It never occurred to me that my condition could be funny. I had to see someone who was sick and struggling, themselves, to show me the humor.  I just had to be shown the way. And now, with the help of Mr. Comroe, that’s exactly what we are going to do for you! You’re assignment is to watch this video, and you might just be surprised.

I hope Mr. Comroe will help those of you who have been struggling to see the humor in your own situations. And restore your confidence to this level:  “Mocha latte, bitches!” – Samuel Comroe

Happy Interventioning


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