Just right

When it comes to preparing for your hotel stay, the saying “You’ve made your bed, now you must lay in it” comes to mind. The point of today’s post is to make sure you’ve made your bed nice and comfy!

In the states, its often sufficient to ask for a handicap accessible room and know you will be taken care of. However, other places do not have our same culture or regulations so its helpful to review TripAdvisor’s Accessibility Checklist for Hotel Accommodations. This site emphasizes that “accessibility” is not a standardized term in the hotel industry. Therefore its important to ask the hotel directly about their rooms, common areas, and neighborhood.

Use this resource to make sure you ask all the right questions to best avoid the Goldilocks Complex and make sure all your accommodations are “just right”!!

I’d also like to take a moment to recognize that TripAdvisor goes out of its way to find out if hotels are wheelchair accessible. You can even filter your search results based on if they are accessible.

The reason I believe this effort is commendable and noteworthy is because of the high number of wheelchair accessible search results, even in regions where accessibility is more difficult to find (ie. Italy, Bankok, Moscow, and Zanzibar!)

Kudos, TripAdvisor. Kudos.

Comfy travels!

Note: I posted this article earlier this week but it mysteriously dissapeared. My going theory is that it was taken down because I included a picture of the results filter for wheelchair accessibility (not included in this version). A sincere thank you to one of my email followers for sending me a copy of the post so the content wasn’t forever lost. Just another reason why you should follow us! 😉 Follow me so you never miss a thing


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