Happy Valentine’s Day: A Love Story

Happy Valentine’s Day fellow travaillers! The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with something that will make you feel warm and fuzzy, so I’m celebrating by sharing this story with you.  I hope this blog about living and loving with disabilities will warm your heart too!

 what kind of love is needed to marry someone who is chronically ill or in pain? I had no idea that marrying someone who had a disability was a rare occurrence. [A] great friend of mine told me that I was his inspiration because I married my wife, Sherri, who was already living with the debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis (MS) and Lyme disease and unable to work anymore, when I met her.
I know my wife is my inspiration, but I never thought that I was anyone else’s inspiration. Why wouldn’t I have married Sherri? She was and is funny, smart, beautiful, insightful and creative. And did I mention beautiful? I married HER. She is not an illness, she has an illness. I always tell the guys who are in disbelief, “You would have married her, too!” I’m just glad I got there first and besides, I was just getting the “in sickness” part of our vows out of the way.
We need to value people for who they are and not what they have or don’t have with regard to illness and pain. I try to live daily by Peter Strople’s great quote, “When in doubt…love.” Love first and love last.

Its touching to hear this side of the story. I’ve struggled, myself, with this exact issue: why would someone love someone like me? It’s been hard for me to separate Me from My Disease. Yet, I do feel loved and that confuses me… That’s why this story is so moving to me, and hopefully you will be moved too. In the spirit of loving first and loving last, will you be my Valentine?


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