The real reason…

The real reason people won’t risk is that they lack the preparation and education that breeds the self-confidence (self-belief) to take a chance – Jeffrey Gitomer

I came across this quote and could not help thinking of my fellow world travaillers. This right here perfectly sums up why I’m writing this blog. Many people do not feel confident in themselves, and in their situation, to take the risk of travelling. It is my hope that I can help prepare you so you can find the confidence to take the chance.

So far in this blog I have concentrated on supplying you the necessary resources to answer your questions. In this blog, I compiled all the best resources in one place and highlighted what I, personally, learned from each source.  But now we will launch Phase 2: Offline Research. I’m working on a project now. I don’t want to give too much away, but it will help you pick the best airline for you!

If you have any questions about traveling or your particular situation/needs, PLEASE ASK! If I can’t find info online, I’d be happy to make a project of it!

Happy risk-taking!


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