Getting around your vacation destination

So you’ve arranged airport/flight accommodations and made reservations at an accessible hotel. But how will you get from Point Airport to Point Bed & Breakfast?

There are some accessible buses, trains and taxis. I’d never heard of paratransit though. Check out this site to find paratransit across the USA and even a handful of other countries! This is the most comprehensive directory I could find, but of course you can (and should) call up the public transit office at your vacation spot.

If public transit isn’t the way for you or you want the freedom to explore and hit the open road, you may be concerned renting a car. I came across Curt’s frustration that renting a car with hand controls are becoming increasingly difficult to request. Then there’s the added stress of adjusting to new controls and the uncertainty of their reliability. That’s what makes portable hand controls so genius!! I found several. Check out –this is by far the best site I’ve encountered for this type of product (even though its pricier) so it’s definitely worth your time to see if its right for you.

5 minute, easy set up
good for almost any automatic
fits in carry-on luggage (only 2.4 lbs)
free shipping in USA and satisfaction guaranteed!

It may set you back about $250 to $350, but especially if you are considering renting a car abroad, nothing compares to the ease of mind that comes from trusting your car. Not to mention, I imagine it is easier to request a car that you are familiar transferring into if you don’t have to worry about requesting hand gears too.


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