Impossible? Shmimpossible!

I’m so excited to start this blog!! Thanks for joining me!

I love to travel and I’ve been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel the world. But life has a funny way of throwing challenges at you. I know overcoming those challenges can seem impossible. My goal is to help people who think travel is not a possibility find ways to make it happen!

I want you to have travail-less travels!

So I’m going to share travel tips, stories, and ideas for you, whether you are disabled, blind, fighting an illness, or if you’re a fellow crohnie! And if you are the epitomy of health and ability…well then, you’ll be inspired to not let anything hold you back! Just like the rest of us.

Happy New Year! Happy New Year’s Resolutions! And happy travels, friends!


What do you think?

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